Deque Systems, Inc., Herndon, VA

Accessibility Program Manager
Oct. 2012 - PRESENT

Provide accessibility consulting services to government, education and companies that range from small business to Fortune 500. Develop enterprise level accessibility strategy and implementation plans. Conduct manual and automated accessibility testing using appropriate standards (WCAG 2.0, 508 and/or custom standards). Configure Worldspace FireEyes Server for clients to monitor accessibility progress and compliance. Expert knowledge of assistive technology and usability testing. Evangelize universal design and the open web by teaching, presenting and writing articles and books for publication.
Additionally, I train developers on what accessibility means and how it ties to other critical web analytics like SEO, and overall a better user interface/design.

Target Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

Sr. Operations Analyst -
Apr. 2008 - Oct. 2012

As Senior Operations Analyst - Accessibility, I meet with various interactive business groups to audit web based experiences for the purpose of ensuring accessible guest experiences to person's with disabilities and meeting the business requirements and best practices. While doing so, I specifically look for deficiencies, failures and inefficiencies; then create recommendations and guide teams to fixing issues.

Additionally, I train developers on what accessibility means and how it ties to other critical web analytics like SEO, and overall a better user interface/design.

Lastly, I act as the implementation manager for tools, documentation, and support services to aide in tracking accessible content to in-House set of standards similar to the WCAG 2.0 guidelines available from the W3C.

PrideFest, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

Accessibility Director
Oct. 2003 - Feb. 2011

In compliance with the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act, my work at PrideFest was to continuously strive to make our festival accessible grounds and services available to everyone; including Blind/Low vision, mobility impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, and even patrons with varying levels of cognitive impairment.

I created the first festival "Courtesy Staff" vest program, later implemented by SummerFest. This consists of a group of individuals that wear signifying vests and are available to help festival patrons navigate crowds, carry food from vendor locations to their destinations, answer questions, and just be available for general assistance

Lastly, I ensured that festival information on the grounds was available in multiple formats for the print disabled stage performances were interpreted by National Certified ASL interpreters, and managed the wheelchair, stroller, and electric scooter rentals.

BI Worldwide, Minneapolis, MN

Account Manager
Jan. 2005 - Feb. 2008

As Account Manager, I managed large-scale client customizations and various projects, had ownership of all processes including: project initiation, development and implementation. Gave direction to multiple functional teams to ensure on-time delivery while maintaining client budget.

Additionally, I created the consolidated project plan and communicated key milestones to all project stakeholders, while also being the primary point of contact for the client; providing proactive updates and escalating issues when necessary.

As primary point of contact, I assisted in planning both short and long term strategic objectives for the clients, edited and proofed content deliverables and identified opportunities to implement process improvements and initiate action.


  • CPWA
  • NFB-NVA Gold Level Certification - For
  • Made Target first retailer to source its weekly ad on NFB News-Line
  • WISCRAD Community Advocate Award - 2007
  • Target Director's Award - 2012
  • Deque Core Value Award - 2014


B.A - Marketing and Business Management

Lakeland College (2000-2004)

The marketing degree is designed for planning a career in sales, advertising, consumer relations, marketing management, retailing services, small business operations, or international business.

It prepared us to develop a breadth of knowledge about the dynamic consumer orientation process by which persons and organizations strive to anticipate and satisfy customers' product needs and wants. It provided me an understanding of marketing concepts and functions.


Program Languages & Tools
  • Quality Center
  • JIRA
  • Deque Worldspace
  • Deque Worldspace
  • Deque FireEyes
  • Screen Reader Software
  • Mac OS and Windows

Design, Graphics and Media
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Illustrator


  • English (mother tongue)
  • ASL (Working on it)
  • Spanish (así así)
  • Community Activist
  • Accessibility Advocate


"Working with Todd has been a wonderful enhancement to the production of incredible web experiences on Accessibility on the web is not an "add-on" though many a web developer have tendency to treat it that way. Todd's approach has always been patient and practical, he's an excellent guide and proponent of implementing best practice in your everyday workflow in order to make beautiful work and do the right thing. I've personally enjoyed devising new and better techniques to achieve our creative goals accessibly with Todd, he brings a great balance of humor and sincerity that foster brilliant solutions."
~ Ross Teichner, Associate Technology Director, OLSON

“I worked with Todd for a number of years as part of the Target Accessibility initiative.Todd was a very attentive and talented project manager—able to hit deadlines and drive others to action. Additionally, he drove much of the strategic thinking on the Accessibility initiative, both within as well as within the larger Marketing organization. Todd’s attention to detail was a major factor both in his personal success as well as the success of the program. Todd was always thinking of new ideas and was willing to speak his mind to help teams align on a direction and drive organizational action. Overall, I appreciated his thought leadership, daily energy, firm commitment to the Accessibility initiative, and constant drive to improve the online experience for the guest. I have never worked with someone so passionate about Accessibility issues and so committed to driving sustained organizational change on behalf of vision-impaired guests as Todd.”
~ John Y. Brown, Product Management,

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Todd on a very complex accessibility project for a high-profile financial institution. The deadline was incredibly tight, so we all had to put in absurdly long working hours, during which Todd exhibited what I can only describe as superlative levels of professionalism, productivity and dedication to high standards of accessibility. And he did this in a very helpful, friendly and kind way; always trying to come up with solutions while keeping in mind the reality of the situation, in terms of time constraints and technical limitations. Highly recommended!”
~ Fitore Jaha Price, Technical Architect, Web Innovations, CBC